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DynoConv CPQ Solutions

DynoConv Engineering takes pride in developing and delivering custom configure price quote solutions (CPQ Solutions), thereby enhancing the sales process and shortening the cycle. Our solution is robust, all-around, and not only generates accurate quotes and pricing but also creates orders with the bill of materials and routes in the ERP system through integration and generates CAD models for manufacturing, as necessary.

We follow the required project management process (Agile / SCRUM) to implement a complete solution right from business analysis and product discovery phase to solution creation, deployment, and after-sales support as appropriate.

We are specialized in implementing third party CPQ solutions such as Infor CPQ or tacton and integration with Infor XA, Infor syteline and Infor cloud suite. We thus help businesses unlock more value from their configurable products, services and with automation to increase sales and revenue.

Additional to CPQ solutions, we deliver

As specialist design engineers, we have extensive know-how in automating various aspects of the design steps using a well-rounded knowledge base that enhance the design process and reduces engineering time.

As experts in CAD, we have mastered automating various steps in the model or drawing creation and reducing the turn-around times for design while ensuring high quality and meeting the relevant specifications. We are specialized in MultiCAD APIs (SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, SolidEdge, Catia, UG NX and Creo). If you are looking for cad customization support in Chennai, cad automation support in India or design automation support in south India, you are sure to hear about our expertise and implementation prowess since we are one of the best companies in this domain.